Melbourne Women's Walking Club Inc.

Affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria

1922 - 2022 Our Centenary Year

Walks and Socials

The full list of centenary walks and social activities is available for members in the Members Section. See Centenary Events page.

In the fourth quarter

October begins with a very popular destination for club walks - the Rhododendron Gardens at Olinda. This walk on October 1 kicks off the month with three other events at iconic locations.

The popular Mt Cole State Park Beeripmo Circuit has been the site of many Beginner Packs over the last decade and many others before that. This destination will again be walked on the weekend of 8th and 9th.

Another get together at Emerald Lake Park on October 22 will have members of many ages mingling in this attractive location.

This will be followed by a camp in the Warby Ranges at Wangaratta held on the last weekend of the month.

November is a bonanza for the club. As Warburton was the site of many early forays into the bush by our original members, we are celebrating the area's importance to the club by holding a long weekend of activities based in this area. November was the month that the first meeting of the Women's Walking Club was held - the 2nd of November to be precise. Eighteen walks and social activities will be held over the weekend from the 17th to the 20th of November.

December celebrates three iconic locations - Lake Tali Karng, Lake Mountain and the Ada Tree walk at Warburton are in the program.

As well as this, the Christmas lunch on December 10 will bring a wonderful year of celebrations marking the Club's Centenary to a close.

We thank all those who helped this come to fruition - the Tours and Socials committees, the Centenary Committee, all the leaders, scouts and drivers and the members who came along to events to support the Club. We have had a wonderful year.