Melbourne Women's Walking Club Inc.

Affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria

1922 - 2022 Our Centenary Year

Newcomers' Walk 29th April 2023

Come and try bushwalking with the Melbourne Women's Walking Club on a specially planned Newcomers' walk.
Share the experience with other newcomers and meet some friendly club members.
The walk is on Saturday 19th of April in the Brisbane Ranges. The distance is approximately 13 kms with plenty of lovely views, interesting rock formations and healthy grey-green vegetation studded with 'grass trees'. There are plenty of ups and downs including one sustained rocky climb early on and an equally sustained descent later in the walk. The tracks vary from having craggy rocks underfoot to wide, sandy paths. Good boots and walking poles are recommended as some paths may be slippery. It's graded a moderate walk, around 4 hours of walking and suitable for reasonably fit women.

Bring a jumper, rain jacket, lunch and snacks, water bottle and sturdy footwear.
We will leave Melbourne by car at around 8:00am (driving approximately 1.5 hours) and return around 5:30pm
Carpooling will be organised, however participation is optional as some walkers may have covid19 concerns. Drivers may request that their passengers wear masks.
Cost: Just a share of carpooling costs.

If you would like to join us on this walk and have not registered with the club as a prospective member, please contact Lidia Nowak by email at by Friday 21st April to receive important information about the club.

Please note that it is optional to do a Newcomers' walk. If you prefer, simply contact Lidia Nowak above for information about the club and upcoming walks and you will be welcome on any of the easier walks (not Medium-Hard (MH) or Hard (H) for your first walk please unless you are an experienced bushwalker).